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The Skimer board skiing above and below the water, SURFING WAVES AND IS A PLATFORM FOR SNORKELING

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Experience the incredible sensation of underwater "flight"!

Discover the underwater world as you slide through the water like a dolphin or Manta ray where all its shapes were inspired!


Do exciting underwater maneuvers or just relax on the surface and enjoy the ride. We are a family owned and operated business.


The Skimer board reinvents the way we explore and interact with the ocean and its marine life. It is the water sports board that every water addict needs to experience like Water Skiing or Underwater Skiing, Surfing or Snorkeling!



Wherever you have water you can be sure that the Skimer Board can be with you!

How it works?


The Skimer board consists of a two-piece board in the Shapes of a Manta Ray, ergonomically studied for maximum comfort and safety.


A vessel tows the Skimer board at a slow, gentle pace about ~ = 4 knots.


To submerge just the handles are tilted down with the wrist movement and arms stretched and the Skimer board takes you to the underwater world in an incredible ride!


With your body game leaning towards the sides you maneuver the Skimer board.

To re-emerge the surface you pull your fists back like a joystick on an airplane and you climb to the surface!

Very simple and intuitive!

You don't need to be able to hold your breath for a long time to enjoy the Skimer board.


Just a few seconds underwater for each dive is enough for a great experience. You can also choose to stay on the surface and watch the underwater world pass under you.

Imagen - Rafael Gomes-_Leonardo Museumeci Suarez
Empresa Plana Surf - RJ

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SKI ON THE SURFACE with the Skimer board doing maneuvers like a BODYBOARDER or would it be like a SKIMERBOARDER ?!


The Skimer board was also developed to ski on the surface at speed (= ~ 14 knots) so it could do several maneuvers being pulled in the boat or in the Jetski.


Skiing with the Skimer board is easy for everyone!

Controlling this water sports board is not only incredibly intuitive and easy to learn. It is also not as physically demanding, which makes the Skimer board suitable not only for the athlete looking for excitement, but for everyone at almost any age who love being in the water.

** Always wear a lifejacket on children and always being watched by their guardian.

Did the boat stop ?! How about using the Skimerboard as a support board for Snorkeling !?


The Skimer board has buoyancy and is also a great support platform for snorkeling to observe the seabed on the surface.


** Always wear a lifejacket on children and these are always observed by the person in charge.

And you think that's it !? No, no!

You can also SURF with the Skimer board !!


The Skimer board was inspired by an aquatic animal and like any great aquatic animal we also managed to catch wave!


In the Skimer Board Fun version he can catch waves !!!!


It has a box of fins similar to those of surf, so you can choose the one you like best! You can use your favorite fins combination on the Skimer board! Same as surfboards!

And we can affirm that it is not equal to catch wave like no other sport that you already practiced in the waves !!


Skimer iLunga Verde baixo.jpg
Skimer board surf bodyboard onda ilunga.
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Partes Skimer FUN desengate.jpg

Unique SAFETY system for sports!

The Skimer board was developed for the skier to have safety and maximum autonomy in a water ski.


It has a quick realese that is connected to the skier's wrist by a Leash, this leash can be triggered by the skier or is triggered automatically when he falls off the ski, disconnecting the Skimer board from the boat.

The Skimer board has buoyancy, so the skier waits for the boat to return supported and floating with it.

Its cable is in polyethylene in safety colors (black and yellow) it floats and is easy to be seen by the user and operator of the boat.

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And now you think that's it !? Nooo !!!


We really like to create! Then you can get our Skimer board that we are designing new attachments to offer new functions, improve maneuvers and FEEL NEW AWESOME FEELINGS !!!

LIKED?? Now after knowing this super multi-sport platform and seeing all these advantages that it has you already can acquire it! IT'S ALREADY COMPLETE FOR USE!

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